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This is a wiki about my story "Something Wicked" and the setting for Pathfinder RPG games I run on Roll20.

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In the Gothic land of Pneumanor, a dark war has raged for two thousand years between the vampires and demons of the north and the free people of the south. Neither side able to push the scales their way and end the war once and for all. All the while the Werewolves and the Nephilim watch in silence, not taking sides.

A group of were-cats, humans, and elves calling themselves "watchers" have started a search for the "chosen one," someone who will lead and unite the free people together and win over the werewolves and Nephilim to tip the scales in their favor.

Will the chosen one be found? Will new heroes rise up to challenge these threats and save the world from this darkness, giving the world a glimmer of hope? This world surely isn't pleasant, can you bear it? Want to adventure in a Gothic world of vampires, demons, and dark fantasy? If so welcome, to the world of Pneumanor and the Nine Realms of Other World.

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